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  Number 390 | Enero 2014
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The Army is the final piece in Ortega’s political Project
The changes to the Military Code were pushed through with an urgency very similar to what we saw with the constitutional reforms. After extremely limited consultations and with virtually no changes,... continuar...


DECREE ON SOCIAL SECURITY An administrative reform to the social security pension system went into effect on January 1. It was instituted by presidential decree just before the Christmas holidays,... continuar...


What mutations have turned the FSLN into what it is today?
What are the essential, most distinctive features of Daniel Ortega’s regime? What ruptures, involutions or mutations can we see in these features and what do they mean for the programmatic purposes... continuar...


Truths about the canal concession all Nicaraguans should know
My name is Mónica López Baltodano. I am 29 years old. I am a lawyer and notary public with a master’s degree in political studies and am an expert on climate change. I have studied each of the known... continuar...

El Salvador

First reflections on the first round of elections
For the first time in the country’s history, the elections on February 2 were to decide whether to reelect the Left or return the Right to government. The Right, hegemonically represented by the National... continuar...


The energy reform: A great loss and a betrayal
On the last day of 2013, a notice of bereavement appeared in a national newspaper signed by writer Elena Poniatowska, among others. Promoted by playwright Jesusa Rodríguez, it summed up the new constitutional... continuar...


“Illegal” migration of Central Americans and Chinandegans
Nicaraguans are the Latin Americans with the 12th greatest presence in the United States. They total 395,000, according to the latest Pew Hispanic Center counts, based on the 2011 American Community... continuar...


How does Cuba surf the net?
Cuban citizens’ very limited access to today’s information technologies is a result of the complex interactions of a society going through a peculiar inflection point. The Cuban government, with its... continuar...

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