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  Number 389 | Diciembre 2013
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Chronicle of a reform foretold
Nicaragua will have a new Constitution in 2014, imposed by Daniel Ortega through the parliamentary majority he has enjoyed since the 2011 electoral fraud and an approving chorus from the representatives... continuar...


INTEROCEANIC CANAL In the 19th Climate Change Conference, held in Poland in mid-November, Nicaragua was represented by President Ortega’s public policies secretary, Paul Oquist, who presented... continuar...


The constitutional reforms will institutionalize Ortega’s total control
With the Purísima (Immaculate Conception) festivities nearly upon us and a Christmas mood growing by the day as Managua is lit up by the thousands of little yellow lights studding the gigantic... continuar...


“The reforms favor the long-term absolute power of a person or party”
Honorable members of the National Assembly Special Constitutional Committee to study, consult and issue its findings on constitutional aspects of the initiative called “Law of Partial Reform of the Political... continuar...


A first brief take on the November 24 elections
The November 24 elections were yet another clear sign that the dynamics of the political crisis that came to a head with the coup d’état in Honduras on June 28, 2009, are still intact. And the post-electoral... continuar...


What’s happening where the Central American migrants cross?
Mexico’s southern border is an area Central Americans cross en route to the United States. It’s also used by Cubans, South Americans—especially Ecuadorans—and even people from other continents: Asia... continuar...

América Latina

The new Left’s extractive model isn’t leading to development
Any contemporary discussion about development is intimately bound to environmental issues. This linkage is particularly intense in South America, particularly in the debate about the role played by... continuar...

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