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  Number 378 | Enero 2013
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Uncertainty is in the air
On December 8, the national celebration of the Immaculate Conception in Nicaragua, things took a dramatic turn in Venezuela. The gravity of President Chávez’s illness was revealed when he himself designated... continuar...


THE TELEVISA TRIAL The 17 men and 1 woman disguised as journalists for Mexico’s Televisa media network who were captured in August 2012 transporting US$9.5 million hidden in six state-of-the-art... continuar...


The FSLN is now one family’s political machinery
I’m often asked how Daniel Ortega got where he is, and how the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) ended up as it has. It’s not a question with an easy answer. The FSLN’s involution is a very... continuar...


A sad Christmas ballad
We were about to go Christmas shopping the morning of December 23, 2012, when I got a call from my daughter’s sixth grade teacher, Kevin, with whom we had planned to have lunch that day. “They’ve... continuar...


The revenge against the #IAm132 Movement
At the end of 2012 a book came out on the #IAm132 Movement with 97 testimonies, all of which expressed the hope that Mexico can change. As part of the struggle for this change, #IAm132 announced a demonstration... continuar...


Detainees and deportees: Xenophobia and dollars
Undocumented migrants detained in the Lasalle Detention Facility in Jena, Louisiana, wear uniforms of three different colors, constituting a warning of how dangerous they were: blue for harmless, orange... continuar...


Another public health is posible
Threateningly and ferociously, capitalism tells us that my freedom ends where yours begins. In contrast, Martin Luther King, Jr. told us that “until all are free, none are free.” This maxim, adopted... continuar...

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