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  Number 360 | Julio 2011
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Mysteries, times, fears and challenges
According to the governing party’s official electoral campaign document, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) believes it is reaching the November 6 elections at a very positive stage. It... continuar...


LEÓN’S COLONIAL CATHEDRAL DECLARED WORLD HERITAGE On June 28, UNESCO unanimously added León’s Cathedral to its World Heritage list as an expression of the transition from baroque to neoclassical... continuar...


How do the youth of this generation feel, think and see themselves?
The Research Center for Communication (CINCO), where I work, has developed a line of research on national actors we identify as most relevant to social change; among them women and young people. Ten... continuar...


Memories of a lost generation
July marks the 32nd anniversary of the initiation of the Popular Sandinista Revolution, which inspired so many of our parents, committing them to a common cause. Under the red and black Sandinista flag... continuar...

El Salvador

What’s behind Decree 743?
The leitmotif of the following story is Decree 743, which the rightwing parties passed on June 2 in a clumsily transparent effort to hobble the actions of four new Supreme Court justices who had decided... continuar...


Chronicle of a love story
On the morning of May 15, 1984, young Carlos Cuevas Molina was riding his motorbike through Guatemala City’s historic center when he was intercepted by two vehicles driving the wrong way up a one-way... continuar...

América Latina

Some thoughts for 21st-century socialists
Revolutionaries almost always think that victory over their opponents means a total rupture with all past history. In the best of cases they admit the existence of a distant pre-history, whose protagonists... continuar...

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