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  Number 349 | Agosto 2010
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Living with Ghosts
The huge plaza opposite Lake Xolotlán’s boardwalk was filled to overflowing with hundreds of thousands of people, as usual. And as usual, the multitude mixed the joy of celebration with old and new... continuar...


A MEGA PORT PROJECT IN MONKEY POINT In the first week of July, it was reported that a memorandum of understanding had been signed between the State’s National Port Authority and two South... continuar...


Municipal Autonomy Is More Threatened than Ever
My point of departure—and my arrival point—consist of two key ideas. The first is that municipal autonomy in Nicaragua is facing the greatest risk ever in its brief life; it has never been so threatened.... continuar...


A Nicaraguan in the World Trade Organization
Three years ago a plane took me from the labyrinthine streets of Managua and landed me in Geneva, a multicultural, conservative city protected by mountains. Along with Washington, Brussels and New York,... continuar...

El Salvador

Mauricio Funes’ Successful Balancing Act
The country awoke on June 21 to the shocking news that a collective microbus had been doused with gas and set afire in the low-income barrio of Mejicanos in the capital’s metropolitan area. This Dante-esque... continuar...


200 Years of Independence, 100 Years of Revolution
Thanks to the Mexican government’s deep-rooted conservatism, it seems unable to cope with Independence and the Revolution that marked Mexican history. Questioned for its anti-democratic origins, this... continuar...


The Planet’s First Layer Is Seriously Injured
In the 20th century we went from an “empty” world to a “full” one. This entailed a real historical mutation, causing us to now speak of entering a new geological era: the Anthropocene. It’s a new epoch... continuar...

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