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  Number 345 | Abril 2010
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March revealed desperation among the actors dominating the nation’s political stage. Hovering over their heads is the National Assembly’s still pending appointment of two dozen top government officials... continuar...


UNITED STATES AND ARNOLDO ALEMÁN Two US congressional aides, one from the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the other from the House of Representatives, visited Nicaragua on April 6... continuar...


The Incredible and Sad Story of The Tax Reform in Three Acts
When we talk about tax reform in our country, we’re talking about an event that has happened every seven years for the past two decades: episodic changes in the State’s tax-based finances. It happened... continuar...

El Salvador

Monsignor Romero’s Murder: Thirty Years of Impunity
In his homily of October 27, 1978, Monsignor Romero stated that “only justice can be the root of peace.” Nine months later, in June 1979, in light of the upsurge of both selective and massive repression... continuar...


Media, Candidates, Cases, Expectations…
When the scandal caused by murdered Rodrigo Rosenberg’s accusations against President Colom, his wife and his private secretary exploded in Guatemala in May of last year, the media, especially the press,... continuar...


A Wolf with No Direction, A Government with No Compass
The specter of the coup hovers over every sphere of Honduran politics. Congressman Wenceslao Lara, member of the Liberal Party that led the coup, shamelessly said in the Congress: “We Liberals proposed... continuar...


Pederast Marcel Maciel and His Partners in Crime
The Mexican Marcial Maciel was born in the Michoacan town of Cotija, in 1920. Twenty-one years later he founded the Legion of Christ. Its members call themselves and are known as “Legionaries.” Maciel’s... continuar...

América Latina

A Look at the Gringo Wall
In 1997, Tijuana artist Marcos Ramírez Erre placed a Trojan horse on the border between Tijuana and San Diego, just meters from the migration buildings. The wooden sculpture was over 80 feet tall and... continuar...

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