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  Number 334 | Mayo 2009
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Politics in the Time of Virus
Human influenza, nee swine flu, has not yet invaded Nicaragua. A presidential decree of two months of emergency, widespread publicizing of preventive measures, thousands of antiviral doses and a strong... continuar...


ANOTHER CHÁVEZ PROMISE At the Seventh Summit of Latin American Bolivarian Alternative (ALBA) countries, held just before the Summit of the Americas in Cumaná, Venezuela’s President Chávez promised... continuar...


A Portrait in Grays of Nicaragua’s Catholic Church
I want to start with the Caribbean Coast, Nicaragua’s most extensive territory yet the one least known in the rest of the country, because it is there that I’ve had my greatest participation in educating... continuar...


The Constant Potter
The auditorium of Managua’s Central American University (UCA) was beyond standing room that September 6th Saturday. The smell of wet earth, drenched by a particularly heavy rainy season, was the celebration’s... continuar...

El Salvador

“We’re Going to Govern for the Whole Country, Not Just the FMLN”
In this interview, Salvador Sánchez Cerén could disappoint both followers and detractors who see the future Vice President as a straightjacket the FMLN could put on President-elect Mauricio Funes to... continuar...


What’s Behind the Fourth Ballot Box?
According to veteran union leader Carlos Humberto Reyes, “Mel Zelaya knows how to kick a soccer ball with either foot. Sometimes he uses his left to kick the ball toward the right and at others he uses... continuar...


When the Addiction Leads to Recession
There are innocent games and dangerous games. Some people get together once in a while to play cards or dominos, and if they bet they do it for small amounts. Others can’t live without playing; they... continuar...


The Darker Sides of a “Country of Immigrants”
The famous Statue of Liberty rises up on the island next to Ellis Island, the famous Island of Tears that filtered immigrants coming to the United States. The statue has the words of a poem by Emma... continuar...

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