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  Number 330 | Enero 2009
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Abuse as Usual Means Many Accounts to Settle
The crisis triggered by last November’s fraudulent municipal elections monopolized the political scene in Nicaragua for over two months. Then on January 16, President Daniel Ortega revealed in greater... continuar...


FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE? Following the Latin American presidential summit in Brazil in mid-December, where he failed to get a word of support in its final document despite a vehement denunciation... continuar...


Public Finances, and Thus the Common Good, Are Being Abused
We’re going through an exceptional situation in Nicaragua right now. Eight new factors have appeared, or at least they’re happening for the first time in many, many years, and it’s certainly the first... continuar...


The Lessons of Mitch: Learned, Not Learned and Unlearned
To mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Mitch, the lucid and biting Nicaraguan caricaturist Pedro Molina drew two parallel sketches of the same family perched atop a house surrounded by flood waters.... continuar...

El Salvador

The Crystal Ball Is Still Cloudy
As a result of negotiations among the smaller political parties led by the National Conciliation Party (PCN) and Walter Araujo, former ARENA National Executive Council president and now president of... continuar...


Zapatistas Organize the First Global Festival of Dignified Rage
Last September, the Zapatistas announced that they were making preparations to hold the First Global Festival of Dignified Rage. Given the intention of those above to impose their calendar of death... continuar...


Darwin’s 200th Anniversary: There’s So Much More to Learn
The theory of evolution as conceived by Charles Darwin 150 years ago explains “natural selection” as the mechanism that brings about the transformation of one species into another and establishes relationships... continuar...

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