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  Number 328 | Noviembre 2008
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Nicaragua Is the Municipal Elections’ Big Loser
Nicaraguans voted for new municipal authorities in the middle of a planetary economic crisis. Although it has hit this fragile country hard, President Daniel Ortega calls this crisis “God’s punishment... continuar...


EDGAR TIJERINO’S VOW OF SILENCE On October 15, the influential Nicaraguan sports journalist Edgard Tijerino announced he would no longer be making any political comments on his popular radio... continuar...


International NGOs Won’t Give Up Our Work or Reason for Being Here
Mundubat is part of the Secretariat of International nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working in Nicaragua, an umbrella organization that represents more than 70 of the approximately 300 organizations... continuar...


In These Times of Uncertainty and Insomnia…
We often state that we live in uncertain times, harassed by injustice and a lack of well-being. In this regard, we have already cited a brief but extraordinary study titled “Nostalgia for greater justice,”... continuar...

El Salvador

Evictions and Megaprojects: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Carmelo Cabrera, president of the Association of United Peoples, has endured 36 trials, 6 arrests and 28 days in prison, always under the same charges, even though a person cannot legally be tried twice... continuar...


Child Adoption: Another Form of Violence
The growth of violence in Guatemala increasingly horrifies people. On October 18 the Guatemalan Episcopal Conference released a statement that expresses what many people feel. One of its points says:... continuar...


Deportees Have no Papers or Rights, Only Borders
When workers leave their municipality, departdepartment or province of birth for another in their same country where they have greater opportunities of getting work, politicians, economists, sociologists... continuar...

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