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  Number 327 | Octubre 2008
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The Rules of the Game
We’re heading toward an electoral November. On Tuesday, November 4, US voters will choose between Obama and McCain, with the entire planet watching. On Sunday, November 9, 2.5 million Nicaraguan voters... continuar...


ZOILAMÉRICA CLOSES HER CASE On September 26, Attorney General Hernán Estrada presented a letter sent by Zoilamérica Narváez—who charged her stepfather Daniel Ortega with sexual abuse in March... continuar...


We Allied with the PLC Hoping to Transform Liberalism
If Nicaragua has suffered from something in the last five years, it’s a marked lowering of the tolerance leyels in our political class and our population. What we had been achieving since 1990, among... continuar...


Posoltega Ten Years Later: Buried Then, Uprooted Now
Posoltega was emblematic of the effects of a natural disaster and of a decided and tenacious effort to rebuild. But it was also plagued by animosity between trade associations, the opportunism of landowners,... continuar...


Mezcala: A Mirror and a Heart
The struggles of a great variety of peoples for their autonomy demonstrate a long-term desire that constantly transforms both the group and the reality in which they live. This is the case of Mezcala’s... continuar...


María: Mother, Wife, Indigenous Woman,Emigrant and Voluntary Returnee
We visited María in Xicalcal, a rural, almost urban village near the city of Zacualpa, located on a plain at the foot of the Chuacús mountain chain. It had been occupied by guerrilla fighters during... continuar...

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