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  Number 277 | Agosto 2004
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The Way Out of the Labyrinth Is Long, but Possible
With half his term now behind him, President Bolaños is “already history” in the opinion of some analysts. Although he still appears to see his glass as half full rather than half empty, Nicaragua’s... continuar...


OF DRUGS AND MISSILES Despite constant news reports of international drug trafficking in Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, neither the military, police nor judicial authorities have been able to crack... continuar...


Transforming the Idea of God Is an Urgent Task in Nicaragua
A Canadian sociologist has said that when he’s faced with a question that’s weighing him down and for which he can find no satisfactory answers, he writes a book. The question that motivated me to... continuar...


Berger’s First Six Months: Just Putting Out Flames?
The honeymoon for President Oscar Berger’s government ended much sooner than anyone expected, cut short by two factors. The first was the huge jump in prices triggered both by measures to increase profits... continuar...


Feminicide in Ciudad Juárez: A Multidimensional Challenge
The modern state grew out of a sort of pact in which society, to ensure that its members could live together in peace, conferred upon the state the exclusive use of force, defined as “legitimate violence.”... continuar...


New Grassroots Movements Starting to Emerge
Twenty-five years ago, Central America was a political hotbed, and not just because of the budding Sandinista revolution—the result of a long guerrilla war topped by a massive popular insurrection, with... continuar...


What Was Signed Away in CAFTA Threatens Millions of Lives
When it comes to public health, the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is effectively backtracking on previous advances. This can be illustrated symbolically by the image of a woman, a chronic... continuar...

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