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  Number 270 | Enero 2004
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The Face of Nicaragua in 2004: Obvious Forecasts
Self-satisfied and complacent rhetoric was the daily bread from the government in December and January, once it had weathered the new Ortega-Alemán deals that had the country shuddering on the brink... continuar...


The 2004 Municipal Elections: Is the Die Almost Cast?
It was no sudden attack of “democratitis” that made Arnoldo Alemán, Daniel Ortega and Enrique Bolaños back down from their attempts to strip the 2004 municipal elections of their independence and tack... continuar...


A Farewell to Pigs…Changes in the National Diet
One thing’s for sure, there’s a big difference between eating well and not eating well. Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are… not to mention what you’ll probably end up being, your life... continuar...


The New Government Sparks Optimism and Expectations
The official results of the second round of Guatemala’s presidential elections on December 28 were ready the very next day. Oscar Berger had beaten out Alvaro Colom with 54.13% of the 2,282,171 valid... continuar...

Costa Rica

Are We Costa Ricans “Exceptional”?
Relations between Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans in Costa Rica have developed like a three-act play. Act One: Some intellectuals postulate that immigration—especially of Nicaraguans, which have come... continuar...


The Centennial Stewpot
Last year, Panama celebrated the centennial of its November 3, 1903, separation from Colombia with a proliferation of activities. How can we evaluate the year? Perhaps by comparing what happened and... continuar...


Working for a Different World Amid Threats of Repression
Halfway through his term in office, President Fox’s approval ratings have plummeted. According to polls conducted by the country’s leading papers, less than 60% of the population has a favorable opinion... continuar...


What’s in Store for Us Following the Signing of CAFTA?
Only four countries signed the free trade agreement (FTA) between Central America and the United States on December 17, 2003: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Costa Rica did not sign... continuar...

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