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  Number 248 | Marzo 2002
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CENTRAL AMERICAN SUMMIT PREPARES FOR BUSH AND FTA Central America’s Presidents held a special meeting in Managua on February 28 to hammer out consensual positions on both the March 24 visit... continuar...


Dilemmas in the Fight against the Cancer of Corruption
The initial expectations of economic improvement and political peace sparked by last November’s electoral results are being hit daily by intense bursts of uncertainty, like the sudden summer dust storms... continuar...


Micro-salaries and Mega-salaries: Mega-inequality and Micro-development
Nicaragua is a country of brutal contrasts. To measure the income of Nicaraguans, we have to shift from the electron microscope to the sidereal telescope, from the millimeter to the kilometer, from a... continuar...


Case 12,230: Zoilamérica Narváez vs. the Nicaraguan State
I decided to make my public denunciation only five days before I did so on March 2, 1998. I was a prisoner of desperation and anguish at the time, but I’ve celebrated that day like a second birthday... continuar...

El Salvador

Images and Realities as the FTA Approaches
March promised to be a busy time in El Salvador. First, the Salvadoran government was planning a ceremony for the 16th, in which United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan would officially close the... continuar...


Militarization in Ixcán: Thin Red Lines
The trauma of the war and the militarization are still palpable in many areas of indigenous and rural Guatemala. One such area is Ixcán, which was incorporated as a municipality in 1985 and covers over... continuar...


AIDS: A Sign of our Times
"Once upon a time there was a body that was protected by a warrior…." As the narrator tells the tale, a priest and two young people act it out. "Diarrhea came along and the warrior repelled it. Then... continuar...


Cyberculture: Challenges and Unknowns
Like it or not, we are immersed in a revolution whose outcome is virtually impossible to foresee. The main instigator of all this change is a new technology that, with enormous flexibility, pulls together... continuar...

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