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  Number 244 | Noviembre 2001
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The Political Culture of the Three Nicaraguas
The image of Nicaragua as a single country is a fiction built by a patriotic school curriculum. Marked contrasts separate what is administratively and legally known as Nicaragua into at least three very... continuar...


General Elections 2001: The Predicted, The Unpredicted, The Uncertain
Nicaragua’s general elections were held on Sunday, November 4. For months, polls had shown Enrique Bolaños and Daniel Ortega neck-and-neck in a race for the presidency, and voters believed them. The... continuar...


PLC: The Resounding Winner
The politics of Alcolea perfectly reflected its people’s inertia and distrust. It was a politics defined by its two strong leaders, a fight between two opposing bands known as the party of the Mice... continuar...


The Road to the Elections Was Paved with Fraud
Towards the end of 1997, Nicaraguans began to hear the first rumors and fragmentary bits of news about a pact being forged by Arnoldo Alemán and Daniel Ortega. From the very start, it seemed clearly... continuar...


A Project Offering a Future to the Nation and Sandinisimo
The National Convergence emerged during an electoral campaign period, in alliance with the FSLN, but the idea from the start was to create and consolidate a new political alliance. It welcomed individuals... continuar...


CIDH UPHOLDS ZOILAMÉRICA CASE Exactly two years ago, Daniel Ortega’s stepdaughter Zoilamérica Narváez filed a suit with the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (CIDH) against the Nicaraguan... continuar...

El Salvador

Can the FMLN Win the Elections?
On Tuesday, November 6, the headlines of El Salvador’s two morning papers announced that Enrique Bolaños had won the Nicaraguan elections. Salvadoran President Francisco Flores called the President-elect... continuar...


New Ideas on Revolution and Socialism for Central America
Well before the enthusiasm that the Sandinista Revolution sparked among the world’s Left had waned, Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez Mercado wrote an incisive essay on his country’s bourgeoisie titled... continuar...

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