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  Number 236 | Marzo 2001
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Casting Nicaragua’s Electoral Flick
After a first draft of the electoral film’s script was hammered out between December and January, these past two months have been dedicated to signing some of the stars and auditioning possible co-stars... continuar...


If the Elections Were Held Today…
Enrique Bolaños and Daniel Ortega, two polarizing figures from a past that needs to be put behind us, threaten to monopolize the upcoming presidential elections. February saw a calculated but anxious... continuar...


Economic Forecasting in an Election Year
What will the next government inherit? What economic panorama do we foresee for 2001? It’s a predictable picture, but not a very pretty one. Although we economists are not soothsayers, we have... continuar...


Dollarization: El Salvador’s Third Earthquake
Only mischief is planned in secret," charged Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chávez when the government unveiled its plan to dollarize the national economy. The decision had been planned in jealous secrecy and... continuar...


The Agricultural Sector: Dominated by the QWERTY Economy
Nicaragua’s agricultural sector is having to fight in very adverse conditions today, not just because of everything going on in the country, but also because of all the changes in the world. Agricultural... continuar...


TAKING FROM THE POOR The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) pressured President Alemán into issuing an order that would stop his Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC) from deducting "voluntary... continuar...

El Salvador

Santa María Ostuma: The Voice of the Earthquake Victims
In search of the epicenter of El Salvador’s February 13 earthquake, which, exactly a month after the one on January 13, kicked a country that was already down, envío journeyed to Santa María Ostuma,... continuar...


No Coup, Just Irresponsible Government
At the end of February, just as in October last year, rumors swirled of an imminent coup d’état. Some held that the army would rise up in a traditional takeover. Others hinted that President Portillo... continuar...

América Latina

We Women Want Power
Up until the 21st century women participated in social processes as part of their groups, communities or towns. They had no specific participation that was separated from either their communities or... continuar...

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