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  Number 234 | Enero 2001
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Agriculture to the Emergency Ward: Intensive Care Required
As the year 2000 ended, spokespeople for Nicaragua’s Central Bank presented their figures on national economic growth with the usual hurrahs that only go down well among misinformed optimists or other... continuar...


Writing the Script for Nicaragua’s Election Drama
Political protagonists from a past we have yet to put behind us are again dominating Nicaragua’s silver screen as if history wanted to repeat itself. Over there is anti-Sandinista business leader and... continuar...


ENTRY INTO THE HIPC After two attempts to get into the Initiative for Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC), which failed because the Alemán administration was not exercising good governance,... continuar...

El Salvador

Dollarization and the Earthquake: Two Manmade Disasters
Salvadoran society woke up uneasy on New Year’s Day. From that day forth, people would have to get used to making purchases with dollars as well as their own currency—the colón. The anxiety is not because... continuar...


A Portrait in Pastels of Honduras’ New Cardinal
The news, previously only an unbelievable rumored possibility, reached Honduras on Sunday, January 21: at noon, the hour of the Angelus, the Pope had announced the naming of 37 new Cardinals, among them... continuar...


Fox and the Zapatistas: Clearing the Path to Peace
Between his victory in Mexico’s July 2000 elections and his inauguration on December 1, President-elect Vicente Fox was wont to define his incoming administration as a "business" government. It caused... continuar...


Espinosa Villareal: The Tip of an Iceberg
The Mexican media have helped us learn something about the career of Oscar Espinosa Villareal, a high- ranking official in the regime of Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) who sought asylum... continuar...


Shipwreck: NGOs to the Rescue
Such disasters occurred from time to time, and when ever they did thousands of people drowned. The news began to reach the North as journalists managed to take photos of the sinking ships, with people... continuar...

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