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  Number 205 | Agosto 1998
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CONTROVERSIAL PRESIDENTIAL TRIP In early August President Arnoldo Alemán made an eight-day official trip to Argentina and Uruguay. As has already become common on other presidential travels,... continuar...


Re-election: Centerpiece of the Pact
Nationalism unites, mobilizes and motivates peoples, even those who have not yet forged true nations. This happened in Nicaragua in recent weeks to such a degree that it overshadowed virtually everything... continuar...


A Political Crime That's Threatening The Peace Process
The Public Ministry's first suspect in the killing of Bishop Juan Gerardi the night of April 26 led down a blind alley, as many had feared from the beginning. Carlos Enrique Vielman, a trouble-making... continuar...


Challenges Before 2000 A Dream for 2020
On December 31, 1999, according to the agreements signed by Panama and the United States in 1977, Panama will receive 34,000 hectares of land with 4,829 buildings, highways, ports, airports, green zones... continuar...


After Our Silence
Brothers and Sisters: We are clear that our rightful and undeniable place in the great Mexican Nation is only one part of the struggle for democracy, liberty and justice, but it is a fundamental and... continuar...


Masks, Silences and Winds from Below
"It is necessary to demand of the public man, especially the politician, that he possess public virtues, all of which can be summed up in one: loyalty to the mask itself.... Be advised that there is... continuar...


Women: The Other Face of Power
That the 21st century will be a "feminine century" is a reasonable prophecy. Women's increased presence in positions of responsibility has been the result of a slow and difficult process, but it is unstoppable.... continuar...

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