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  Number 193 | Agosto 1997
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An Anthropologist in a Managua Gang
In Central America, violence and insecurity mount with each passing day, and Nicaragua is no exception. One feature of this is the bands of teenagers who roam the neighborhoods harassing, robbing, beating... continuar...


National Dialogue or Liberal Monologue?
In June, the FSLN spoke of a latent possibility of "bringing down" the government, while other sectors sought only to curb the government's authoritarian tendency. Both approaches, while quite different... continuar...


COMPTROLLER GENERAL V. PRESIDENT: 2-0 At the end of June, Comptroller General of the Republic Agustín Jarquín ruled that the process by which the San Antonio and Victoria de Julio sugar refineries... continuar...


Poverty: Protagonist Of the Post War
Guatemala's drop in the United Nations Human Development Index was the country's most significant news in June. According to that report, which is published annually by the UN Development Program, Guatemala... continuar...


Cuban Civil Society: An Urgent Encyclopedia
To our readers: You may want to read this encyclopedia in alphabetical order, or search first for what particularly interests you, a la carte, as in any encyclopedia. Even if you don't go in alphabetical... continuar...


What Remains of Socialism?
Social philosophy would have a hard time avoiding one of the crucial issues of our time: the foundering of the socialist projects of social transformation. In addition, the deplorable state of poverty... continuar...

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