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  Number 457 | Julio 2019
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An ultimatum to the dictatorship?
Fifteen months after the civic rebellion sparked in April 2018, some analysts say the regime now has some serious dilemmas. It’s clear that “el pueblo ya tomó su decisión” (the people already... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION Abelardo Mata, the bishop of Estelí, went to the United States in late May to meet with the Nicaraguan diaspora in various cities. On May 30, he was invited to Washington... continuar...


40 years of the Sandinista revolution: Could it have been different?
I ’ll do my best to evaluate the revolution, though I’m hesitant to do so for several reasons. First because I was there as a protagonist so share responsibilities for the good and bad parts of that... continuar...


The Ortega–Murillo partnership’s perverse repression and betrayal
Nicaragua’s history is piled high with battles in defense of its identity. Like the rest of Latin America, the country fought for its political, cultural and economic independence, which it won on April... continuar...


40 years later: How women from both sides experienced the revolution
Was there a female way of experiencing the revolution? The answer is affirmative. Yes, there was and it was very different if we’re talking about the women in the Nicaraguan Resistance’s scene or about... continuar...


Repression in the prisons and abuse in the courts
This report examines what happened, after the crackdown in the streets, to many of the hundreds of people arrested by police or abducted by armed pro-government groups. It is based on research conducted... continuar...

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