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  Number 455 | Junio 2019
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Will the transition speed up or will Ortega kill the negotiations?
Although the way out of the national crisis is clear—a serious negotiation that returns civil liberties, guarantees justice to the victims and establishes democracy through fair and early elections—those... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CID-GALLUP POLL In the latest CID-Gallup poll, which surveyed a national sample of 1,205 people between May 7 and 21, a total of 77%—among them 47% of those who identified themselves as Sandinistas—said... continuar...


The Caribbean Coast’s voice in the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy
I still remember when Monsignor David Zywiec, the Catholic bishop of Siuna, up until a few months ago Auxiliary Bishop of Bluefields, called me on May 14, 2018, to ask me to help him with a “hot potato”... continuar...


Overhaul the existing Police or create a new one?
Two years ago no one could have even imagined that Nicaragua would be shaken by the most severe political crisis of its recent history—an unarmed civic insurrection that the Ortega-Murillo regime attempted... continuar...


Torture in the detention centers
When we interviewed Alex Pérez, a former political prisoner, after his release, he answered our greeting, “How are you?” with: “I’m here, going back to being human.” His experience in prison, marked... continuar...


Undocumented emigrants’ civil disobedience: Self-employment and informality
Central American migrant caravans have become the media darling of population mobility. They showcase acts of defiance against an exclusionary system affecting people both here and there: in the countries... continuar...

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