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  Number 447 | Octubre 2018
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Blue and white resistance v. the state of exception
Breaking news: On October 4, just as this issue was closing, more than 40 national and territorial-level civil society organizations headed by the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy announced the... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
CENTRAL BANK FIGURES NO LONGER PUBLISHED On September 6 the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) stopped publishing daily reports about the status of public and private finances (international... continuar...


“The regime is using the judicial system as a repressive political weapon”
The political crisis we’re going through caught us all by surprise. We were an apathetic society, with even the energy of our youth, which is so fundamental to social rebellion, dormant. Nor did we... continuar...


“Together we’re a volcano... but we had forgotten it”
If someone had told me six months ago that young Nicaraguans would be leading a citizens’ insurrection against Daniel Ortega’s tyranny today, I would surely have replied that holding out that kind of... continuar...


University struggles in Nicaragua (part 2) The April students: More challenges and new possibilities
British historian Christopher Hill firmly believed that “Hhstory has to be rewritten in every generation, because although the past does not change, the present does; each generation asks new questions... continuar...

América Latina

The Left has no critique of the crisis in Venezuela
Eduardo Lander isn’t only a respected academic. For decades he has also been connected to social and leftist movements in Venezuela. From that vantage point, he has seen that the unconditional support... continuar...

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