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  Number 444 | Julio 2018
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Resisting the strategy of terror
On May 30, when the regime’s police and parapolice—a.k.a. irregular paramilitary groups, thugs, mobs, shock troops—fired on the mammoth Mothers’ Day march in Managua and other parts of the country, killing... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
THE IACHR ADDS NINE MORE RECOMMENDATIONS In its final report, presented to the OAS Permanent Council on June 22, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) added 9 recommendations... continuar...


“I’m certain we’ll bring down this dictatorship”
I’ve known Daniel since we were both young. I was president of the Ramírez Goyena Institute’s student center and leader of the Maestro Gabriel High school, so among other things we hammered out an agreement... continuar...


The government’s policy of terror has created a dilemma for the Army
It’s hard, if not impossible to fully analyze the complexities of the civic insurrection and socio-political crisis that have been Nicaragua’s daily reality since April 18. From a safe, serene... continuar...


The open veins of Nicaragua
I belong to the generation of those whose heart throbbed to the beat of the Sandinista revolution in the 1980s, actively supporting it. Latin America seemed condemned to backyard status At... continuar...


“We’ll never be the same”
“ Just like Álvaro Conrado, I too have difficulty breathing now. Yesterday they killed one of ours. They found his body on the Cuesta del Plomo [a hill on the outskirts of Managua the Somoza dictatorship... continuar...


“AMLO, I’ll be watching you”
July 2, 2018. Mr. President, I’m writing you these lines seated at my desk with my thumb stained with indelible ink and with mixed feelings. Hope and anxiety. Joy and fear. Enjoying... continuar...

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