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  Number 439 | Febrero 2018
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The government and its allies are calling Washington’s cards
Never in Daniel Ortega’s presidency these past 11 years has his government experienced the level of tension with Washington it has in the last year or so. And never has his firm alliance with the Superior... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ARMY TROOPS KILL SIX INLA CRUZ DEL RÍO GRANDE Troops of the Army’s Sixth Regional Military Command killed six people on November 12 in an operation in the community of San Pablo, municipality... continuar...


The FSLN’s relationship with religion has always been contradictory
On November 29, 2017, President Ortega introduced a fast-track bill in the National Assembly to declare the festivities honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception (known in Nicaragua as... continuar...


“We need a proposal that inspires hope”
The results of last November’s municipal elections showed us once again that, aside from independent voters, the majority of whom didn’t vote, Nicaragua’s political spectrum remains divided between Sandinistas... continuar...


“My writing has always been spurred by obsession”
To the ladies and gentlemen of Salamanca who this year are celebrating—and I with them—the 800th anniversary of their wonderful university’s founding, it is with great honor and joy that I receive the... continuar...

El Salvador

Veterans with disabilities still fighting battles in peacetime
The Chapultepec Accords that put an end to a dozen years of war were signed 26 years ago this January 16. As a result of that war, the Salvadoran people achieved important strides in the democratization... continuar...


An antiquated system that refuses to change
Before the end of 2017, Guatemala’s general public hadn’t yet clearly identified the roles of many of the actors in their country’s profound crisis, exposed in all its brutishness starting in April 2015.... continuar...


An election fraud with the taste of an imperialist coup
The general elections of November 26 add yet another new political tragedy to the long and growing list in Honduras. The promoters of the foreseen fraud executed before, during and after that date continue... continuar...


A phantom is roaming the planet
Many of us were hoping the 21st century would be a leap toward something new, toward a certain universal consciousness that would lead the planet beyond the ideologies, dogmas and nationalisms that produced... continuar...

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