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  Number 432 | Julio 2017
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Unsure where all this will end
This month, in a national and international context laden with so many uncertainties it’s hard to imagine where it will all end, Nicaragua commemorates the 38th anniversary of its revolution, which once... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
PENAL REFORMS The National Assembly, now totally controlled by the governing party, approved reforms to the Penal Code and Penal Processing Code on June 20. The reforms, which sparked intense... continuar...


Mining brings us neither growth nor development
There is increasingly frequent and concerned talk in Latin America about the expansion of extractive industries and their activities. These industries have been around for a very long time in Nicaragua,... continuar...

El Salvador

Impunity finally stands trial: The case of Herbert Anaya Sanabria
On October 26, 1987, Herbert Anaya Sanabria, president of the nongovernmental Human Rights Commission of El Salvador (CDHES), was killed by three people who drove up to his home in a yellow pick-up... continuar...


What will we be? Their backyard or our own home?
We are four years away from the bicentennial of the signing of the Central American Act of Independence from Spain by the native elite. Its introductory article calls for the Act to be published “to... continuar...

América Latina

The Venezuelan crisis poses a challenge for the Left
The turn of events in the Venezuelan situation, with prolonged grassroots mobilization against Nicolás Maduro’s government and his call for a National Constituent Assembly, has split the Latin American... continuar...

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