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  Number 431 | Junio 2017
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Three economic storm clouds looming in Nicaragua’s skies
Fernando Delgado, the International Monetary Fund’s mission chief in Nicaragua, presented the IMF’s periodic evaluation of the country’s economy to President Daniel Ortega, Vice President Rosario Murillo,... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
NICARAGUA’S INTEROCEANIC CANAL NOT ON CHINA’S RADAR In a two-day summit held in China in mid-May, attended by representatives of 110 countries including 28 heads of State, President Xi Jinping... continuar...


Sexual abuse of children is a Nicaraguan pandemic
A team of eight women—four of us psychologists who are survivors of sexual abuse and have become experts on the subject and four other women, not necessarily survivors, who have been handling the administration—have... continuar...


Fear is the message of the first 100 days of Trump’s migration policies
During his election campaign, Donald Trump said he would expel millions of undocumented immigrants and would complete the wall along the US-Mexican border, forcing Mexico to foot the bill. Then in... continuar...

El Salvador

The anti-mining law is a historic victory over the “dazzle of gold”
On March 29, 70 legislators from all political stripes in El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly passed the Law to Prohibit Metal Mining. The vote was unanimous because the other 14 Assembly representatives... continuar...


It would seem that “the party’s over”
Over the past year, the US power moves in Guatemala and the rest of what is called Central America’s Northern Triangle have been ongoing. Specifically in Guatemala, several apparently unrelated events... continuar...


The forests are alive and they are sacred
A document titled “Management Plan for the Community Forests of Cerro Flores, Cerro Congo and Llano Seblés” prepared by the Ngäbe residents of those mainly hilly areas, states, “Forests are a renewable... continuar...

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