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  Number 426 | Marzo 2017
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Under pressure, the government is buying time
The Ortega-Murillo government is under political pressure on at least two counts: the weight Daniel Ortega’s illegitimate reelection last November 6 is still bringing to bear domestically; and the inter¬national... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
ERNESTO CARDENAL Late last year, Nicaragua’s renowned poet Ernesto Cardenal accompanied his valuable personal archive of books, letters, manuscripts, originals of poems, documents and photographs... continuar...


Criminal indifference to the violence on the Caribbean Coast
The law defining the communal property regime for the Caribbean Coast’s indigenous peoples and ethnic communities and for the Bocay, Coco, Indio and Maiz rivers (Law 445), passed by the National Assembly... continuar...


Seven priorities for achieving quality education
In 2006 a group of education professionals formulated a public proposal we called “Seven priorities of Nicaraguan education.” Our objective was to put our country’s educational system at the center... continuar...


One opportunity was lost… but others could open up
According to a Chinese proverb, three things can’t be turned back: a spoken word, a launched arrow and a lost opportunity. We can already call 2017 the year of the lost political opportunity. It’s... continuar...


When women are forced to migrate...
One cannot generalize what forced migration means for women. Many leave because of tragic experiences, others for reasons of sheer survival. Courage is always involved. The risks increase exponentially... continuar...


How does one democratize communication in the post-truth era?
What are we talking about when we demand the democratization of communication and information? Do we only mean redistributing radio frequencies to guarantee our human right to information and communication?... continuar...

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