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  Number 385 | Agosto 2013
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Notes written beneath the trees of life
Is Nicaragua emerging from poverty? Will the interoceanic canal be built or is that megaproject only a fortune cookie prediction? Is the government responding to the economic and social problems and... continuar...


OIL EXPLORATION: WHO OWNS SEAFLOWER? Minister of Energy and Mines Emilio Rappaccioli confirmed the existence of a presidential decree granting a concession to the Spanish oil company Repsol... continuar...


Just how communal are rural communities?
We in the Center for Political Studies and Analysis (CEAP) have commonly done research from the municipal perspective, but one day we ques-tioned the validity of this sphere of study. We began to feel... continuar...


The canal and the illusion of development
Ongoing dynamic change in the productive and employment structures is crucial to a country’s development. In this process, the productive factors, including the workforce, get reassigned to activities... continuar...


34 years of blameful forgetfulness, 23 of interested memory (part 2)
In an insightful paper delivered to circumspect lawyers, German historian Reinhart Koselleck took a look at various historiographical tendencies, distinguishing them according to their formulations about... continuar...


A resounding NO to the PRI's education reform
Most primary and secondary education teachers in Mexico belong to the National Education Workers’ Union (SNTE), which is the largest union not only in Mexico but in all Latin America. The Ministry of... continuar...


Following the money trail: Implications for regional security
Money laundering is a criminal activity that goes almost unnoticed but has a lethal impact on our societies and our institutionality: the legitimization of assets coming from illegal activities would... continuar...

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