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  Number 384 | Julio 2013
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The challenge of the others
It’s been a good while since Nicaragua was the focus of international news. This month two issues caught media attention abroad. One is a macro-project—the announcement that an interoceanic canal will... continuar...


PETROCARIBE SUMMIT The eighth Petrocaribe Summit was held in Managua between June 27 and 29, and was attended by top officials and Heads of State of 18 nations representing 83 million inhabitants... continuar...


The canal will irreversibly damage Lake Cocibolca
We in the environmentalist organizations were just as surprised as almost all other national sectors by the haste with which the concession to businessman Wang Jing to build an inter-oceanic canal through... continuar...


34 years of blameful forgetfulness, 23 of interested memory
In crossing out February 25, 1990, the day the FSLN lost its first elections, with a red pen, viewing it as a historic watershed, those with Sandinista roots who now oppose that party have constructed... continuar...

El Salvador

The case of Beatriz: Who gets to decide?
When the issue of abortion and the right to decide are put on the table, everyone turns into a philosopher, theologian, scientist or lawyer, experts on issues as momentous as human life, morality and... continuar...


The Ríos Montt trial was a historic milestone
On May 10, a lower court sentenced retired General José Efraín Ríos Montt to 50 years in prison for the deaths—categorized as genocide—of 1,771 Ixil indigenous people and another 30 years for crimes... continuar...


Our country needs a truce, and not just with gangs
Four years after the coup that overthrew President Mel Zalaya, Honduras has more red alerts than ever. While the government tries to deny that we are the country with the most violent deaths on the... continuar...


The masses in the streets
An insurrectional spirit is spreading among the masses around the world and they’re occupying the only spaces left to them: the streets and squares. The movement is just getting started, first in North... continuar...

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