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  Number 383 | Junio 2013
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The Grand Canal: Dreams and smokescreens
In his speech commemorating the birth of General César Augusto Sandino on May 18, President Daniel Ortega reported that during the Central American Presidents’ dinner with their US counterpart in Costa... continuar...


FOREIGN MINISTER’S EUROPEAN TOUR Nicaragua’s Foreign Minister Samuel Santos visited several European Union countries in the third week of May, presumably to mend fences. Meeting in Brussels... continuar...


Nicaragua’s future development depends on quality teacher training
On March 2, Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education initiated a diploma in continuing education and values for teachers of public and subsidized schools. The program consists of weekly workshops, described... continuar...


Memories of a committed generation
In early May, 800 nuns, mother superiors of their orders, met in Rome for the general assembly of the International Union of Mother Superiors. Pope Francis received them briefly in the Paul VI Hall... continuar...

Costa Rica

Eight months before the next elections, is the country really “Pura vida”?
A sizable group of Costa Ricans lined the General Cañas freeway on May 3, waving little flags and applauding the imposing US presidential caravan as it went by. Barack Obama’s face wasn’t visible to... continuar...


A portrait of young Ngäbes who migrate out of the comarca
The Ngäbes are the largest ethnic group in Panama, comprising 59.3% of the Panamanian indigenous population. In a lot of writings they speak of the Ngäbe-Buglé as if they are one ethnic group, but they’re... continuar...


Zapatismo is back and its messages are hitting a chord
The Zapatistas’ first new communiqués were issued at the end of last year in the Third International Seminar called “Planet Earth, anti-systemic movements,” called by the Zapatistas and held in the... continuar...

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