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  Number 366 | Enero 2012
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A rerun with contradictions inside and out
By January 10, the date of President Daniel Ortega’s second consecutive inauguration, the European governments still hadn’t congratulated him and Republican legislators in the United States were getting... continuar...


LAW ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN APPROVED By an almost unanimous vote, the National Assembly passed the Comprehensive Law against Violence against Women on January 26. As is typical of Nicaraguan... continuar...


Confronting the Ortega regime requires national unity
Discussing the challenges facing the opposition in Nicaragua requires first characterizing today’s situation, because it’s radically different from what it was before January 10. On that day we didn’t... continuar...


How did they commit the fraud?
Before the presidential sash was re-bestowed upon Daniel Ortega on January 10, a group of Nicaraguan statisticians and mathematicians, coordinated by political scientist José Antonio Peraza and backed... continuar...


The human genome: A way to read the “book of life”
The saga of sequencing the Human Genome has been modern science’s most significant international undertaking to date. It has been considered the greatest event in the history of contemporary scientific... continuar...

El Salvador

Mapping the Salvadoran media
An April 1999 study by the Veritas Project to evaluate the media’s participation in that year’s presidential campaign in El Salvador concluded that “the media are part of an economic and political system... continuar...


What the new President did and didn’t say
On January 14, a full two-and-a-half hours late, 61-year-old retired Army General Otto Pérez Molina celebrated his investiture as the first military-career President since the country returned to democracy... continuar...


The peace movement and the government’s warlike responses
At the end of the fifth year of Calderon’s six-year term in office, the situation in Mexico is deplorable. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has declared that Mexico’s... continuar...

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