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  Number 365 | Diciembre 2011
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After this fraud, the future will be written with an R
On November 15, the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) proclaimed Daniel Ortega reelected as President of Nicaragua until 2016 and allotted his party 62 legislative representatives. “This resolution is... continuar...


NEW RÍO SAN JUAN CONFLICT A new conflict flared up in latef November between the governments of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, when Nicaragua learned that its neighbor is building a highway 120 kilometers... continuar...


SPECIAL - Thirty years of envío: The road traveled so far
We are celebrating our birthday today. Three decades. Thirty years. They say that’s proof of maturity. We were born in February 1981, with the revolution, which is why today we are remembering our... continuar...


The government must take Gadea’s 800,000 voters into account
Nicaragua’s history has been plagued by ongoing political conflicts. Even though all have had economic and social causal factors, they were all struggles for power and were political in nature. Some... continuar...


Notes on the elections in the North Caribbean region
I traveled to the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) on November 1 to see how the “civic fiesta” was developing in Bilwi, the region’s capital, and in some Miskitu communities. After three days... continuar...


What was the revolution? What is Sandinismo?
In the years following the revolution, FSLN leaders reaffirmed their traditional discourse in open negotiations with rightwing governments, media interviews, political campaigns and celebrations of the... continuar...


Forty years later, another military President
On November 6, the same day as Nicaragua’s elections, but without the fraud or violence, Guatemala held its second round of voting for President. Retired General Otto Pérez Molina of the Patriot Party... continuar...

América Latina

We’re starting to see ourselves through our own eyes
Latin America and the Caribbean are arising with extraordinary strength to form the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a small but decisive step on the path of integration and... continuar...

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