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  Number 347 | Junio 2010
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Invidious Messages and a Revealing “Joke”
The COSEP members who at-attended the May 26 meeting brought the same two main demands they always insist on in the frequent and cordial meetings they’ve held with President Ortega: that the government... continuar...


WHERE, OH WHERE, TO ISSUE THE SOLIDARITY BONUS May was rife with speculations, proposals and backtracking about how and where the government would issue the $25 monthly “Christian, solidarity... continuar...


The New Education Strategy: A Quality Decision or an Electoral One?
With the change of government in January 2007, the first decision made by Miguel de Castilla, the new education minister, was to abolish school autonomy. And the day after taking office, President Daniel... continuar...


The Rural CAPS: Ensuring Community Access to Water
There’s a protest going on nearby, in Ticuantepe, that’s got something to do with water,” I told my mother in July 2005. “I’m going to check it out.” I had no idea that such an apparently insignificant... continuar...

El Salvador

The Labor Movement: Who’s Winning So Far?
May always reminds us of the martyred workers in Haymarket Square who were victims of repression and gave their lives fighting for the 8-hour workday when 12-18 hours was the norm. May 1 is thus celebrated... continuar...


Arizona and Its Cruel Discontents
Once upon a time there was a superlative and pluperfect country. Not only was it spacious and well cared for, but everything in it was super-sized and boundless, from its hamburgers to its prisons.... continuar...


Four Months after the Earthquake…
We experienced a terrible earthquake on January 12. A seismic movement of that intensity normally produces 20-30,000 victims. But the situation in Haiti, with its history of colonialism and the destruction... continuar...

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