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  Number 344 | Marzo 2010
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Chaos All Around
This year began with a legal urgency that has set time limits. The constitutional terms of 25 officials heading the electoral branch, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Comptroller’s Office, the Human... continuar...


PLAN TO COMBAT THE DROUGHT’S EFFECTS “WORKED OUT IN SILENCE” In mid-February President Ortega, who appeared concerned about forecasts that the rains will come late this year, created a national... continuar...


The Economy Will Be Austere And Uncertain in 2010 and 2011
Unemployment is perhaps the main social and economic problem facing President Daniel Ortega as he enters the fourth of his five-year term and contemplates the electoral year in 2011. Current unemployment... continuar...


We Were a Small but Efficient Brigade And the Haitians Grew Fond of Us
We flew from Managua to Jamaica and from there to Haiti. When we landed in Jamaica, General Perezcassar called us together and asked us to work with great respect, without being invasive, side by side... continuar...


Children’s Rights: From Paper to Reality
Twenty years have passed since the United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on November 20, 1989. From that time onwards, children have been... continuar...

Costa Rica

Chinchilla’s Victory Seals Twenty Years of Rightwing Politics
The morning of October 28, 2009, was a remarkable one in San José. The traffic heading towards the Zapote district was considerably slower than usual. Normally at this time of day most vehicles are... continuar...


Acteal Twelve Years On
After a term and a half of National Action Party (PAN) governments, Mexico is a nation in ruins. According to the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy, only 18% of Mexicans... continuar...

América Latina

Twelve Days on the Road to Rejection
On the run-up to Mardi Gras—the “Fat Tuesday” carnival the day before Lent—New Orleans Jesuit and lawyer Tom Greene organized an unusual workshop that had an incredible impact. He invited four migration-related... continuar...

América Latina

“At The Heart of Uruguayan Democracy, Surrounded by Thinking Heads”
Dear friends, life has been extraordinarily generous to me. It has given me endless satisfactions beyond my wildest dreams. Almost all of them are undeserved, but none more so than the one I have today:... continuar...

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