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  Number 339 | Octubre 2009
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What Surprises Will the End of This Third Year Bring?
The end of 2009 will mark the conclusion of the third year of President Daniel Ortega’s second elected term in office. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that his last two years will prove very difficult,... continuar...


POLICE DISMANTLE DRUG LAB On September 10, the National Police dismantled a clandestine laboratory on the outskirts of the municipality of Achuapa, department of León, in which the Sinaloa drug... continuar...


What’s Going On in the Municipalities? And What’s With the CPCs?
Our network set up a Citizen Participation Observatory in 2007, in which we would “observe” the new municipal governments during their entire administration (2009-2012). The idea was to do a first survey—which... continuar...


Seven Deadly Sins We’re Bequeathing Our Young People
Every new development guru swears they have diagnosed our deficiencies and have the remedy to rescue us from the sad shore of underdevelopment on which we’ve been washed up for centuries, perhaps forever.... continuar...

El Salvador

The First 100 Days: Successes, Silences, Threats, Blackmail… and Challenges
They say that the tradition of analyzing a new President’s first 100 days in office began—like many traditions—in the United States, with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration. The tradition was... continuar...


More from the Honduras Diary: From Jubilation to Repression
Tuesday, September 8: “We’ll pull this country out of its hole” Honduras is still hostage to uncertainty and ungovernability 72 days after the sequestering of President Mel Zelaya by a military... continuar...


What Comes After Zelaya?
The coup on September 21 represented a sea change in the national conflict triggered by the June 28 coup d’état. When we received the news at Radio Progreso that deposed President Manuel Zelaya was... continuar...


MySpace, Storytelling and the New Magnification of the World
We’re facing the expansion of diverse cultures whose contemporary specificity resides more in their intersection than in the content of their own different universes. I’ll limit myself to a reflection... continuar...

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