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  Number 325 | Agosto 2008
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The Path Taking Us “There”
Many have already qualified the upcoming municipal elections as a referendum on the first two years of Daniel Ortega’s second shot at governing the country, with voters consciously electing either FSLN... continuar...


JULY 19 CELEBRATION OF THE SANDINISTA REVOLUTION The government celebrated the 29th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution with at least 300,000 people filling the Plaza of the Revolution and... continuar...


The Micro-Financing Institutions Are Politically Very Attractive
Micro-financing institutions emerged in Nicaragua and the rest of Latin America as one of the responses to the structural adjustment measures of the eighties, whose implementation immediately increased... continuar...


To Read or Not to Read: That is the Question
According to Moroccan-French writer Daniel Pennac, readers are subject to 10 rights, the first of which is the right not to read. It appears that, consciously or unconsciously, the majority of young... continuar...

Costa Rica

Insecurity in Reality, the Media and Our Self-Image
In Costa Rica, as in so many other countries unfortunately, the security issue has become the raw material for prejudices and hasty conclusions. Phenomena that are dissimilar in themselves are frequently... continuar...


All Powers Against Zapatista Autonomy
Mexico’s oppressing powers want to stop Zapatista autonomy from surviving and propagating. The illegitimate presidential power of the National Action Party (PAN), the power of the army, the powers... continuar...

América Latina

The Left and Human Rights: A Contribution to the Debate
Fidel Castro wrote in Granma’s July 3 edition: “Out of a basic sense of humanity, we were pleased by the news that Ingrid Betancourt, three North American citizens and other captives had been... continuar...

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