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  Number 291 | Octubre 2005
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How Will This Interminable Conflict End?
One of the first missions of José Miguel Insulza, the new secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), involved a brief trip to Nicaragua several months ago to resolve its institutional... continuar...


CONFLICT HEATS UP AGAIN OVER THE RÍO SAN JUAN Nicaragua and Costa Rica rekindled their long-time conflict over the Río San Juan, which marks the border between the two countries in the Caribbean... continuar...


“Our Electricity System Is One of Our Political Class’ Great Failures”
When you follow the thread of what’s happening in the Nicaraguan electricity sector, you realize we’re facing one of the greatest failures of the political class that has governed this country. Electricity... continuar...


The Left Nicaragua Needs
Nicaragua’s political parties have always been short on philosophical and doctrinal underpinnings. The pragmatic-resigned political thinking of Nicaraguan conservatism has never moved beyond an instinctive... continuar...


Elite vs. Grassroots Perspectives
Nearly ten years after the Peace Accords were signed, and already halfway through the third government since then, the view of Guatemala from the peaks of political power is not encouraging. A pervasive,... continuar...


Are Mothers of Sexually Abused Girls Really to Blame?
In June 2001, the Nicaraguan media latched on to the case of Gema, a little girl who became pregnant after being raped by a stranger, and probably also her stepfather. It was just one of many similar... continuar...


Central America Cries
The rain didn’t stop for days. And even now we haven’t stopped crying. Just as we were closing this issue of envío, October brought us days of interminable downpours triggered by the combination of... continuar...

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