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  Number 290 | Septiembre 2005
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More of the Same? Or Have We Touched Bottom?
The institutional war that has put President Bolaños between the rock of the bipartite pact and the legal hard place that the PLC-FSLN constructed piece by piece from the legislative and judicial branches... continuar...


ELECTORAL BRANCH REELECTS LEADERSHIP After a month without holding its scheduled elections and 25 sessions scheduled then aborted because the three PLC magistrates didn’t show up while the FSLN... continuar...


“CAFTA Will Be Like a Brand-Name Hurricane Mitch”
The Central American Free Trade Agreement with the United States (now known as DR-CAFTA following the inclusion of the Dominican Republic) contained an initial error on our part. The United States... continuar...


“We in the Coast Have Shown that We Know How to Use Autonomy”
What’s the background to the autonomous regime in Nicaragua’s Caribbean region? How have the autonomous Regional Councils been performing? What problems have accumulated in those Councils in the 15... continuar...


A Pact of Impunity Around the Elections
Each day brings further confirmation that Honduran society is being taught to use violence to resolve its conflicts. From 1998 through mid-2005, over 2,600 young people were murdered, their bodies dumped... continuar...

América Latina

States and Laws Reproduce Violence against Women
The words of Latin American women continue to have no value to those who legislate, govern and administer justice. A couple of weeks ago I was in Mexico presenting a project to help women whose rights... continuar...

América Latina

Father Knows Best: A Key to Understanding Us
Attempting to discover why, even though the ideals of societal modernization are relatively well known in Latin America, the state so passionately resists public discourse on sexuality and sexual rights,... continuar...

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