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  Number 288 | Julio 2005
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Punches and Counterpunches; Proposals and Counterproposals
The huge gap between the “real country” and the “legal country”—that brilliantly useful distinction invented by Octavio Paz, used by Carlos Fuentes and copied by all of us—grows wider by the day in Nicaragua.... continuar...


MEGA-SALARIES SLASHED... BRIEFLY The National Assembly finally approved the salary regulation law in June. This law, so unpopular with all the high-level state officials affected by it, seriously... continuar...


“This Crisis Began in the FSLN, With an Unethical Pact”
Nicaragua continues to suffer from an ongoing, chronic crisis, a crisis of poverty and backward-ness, of government incapacity, and of the incapacity of all of us as a society to respond to the population’s... continuar...


Why So Little Social Mobilization?
The Sandinista Revolution provided one of the greatest examples of grassroots participation, organization and decision making in the history of Latin American social movements. It is impossible to explain... continuar...


Twenty-six Years On: Memories of Solidarity
At noon on a day in December 1986, I was driving slowly down Managua’s Bolívar Avenue in my modest Suzuki, heading toward the old cathedral. I was just passing some magnificent, vividly-colored wall... continuar...


The Traido: A Key to Youth Gang Continuity
The main character in Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange, 15-year-old Alex, is the leader of a small group of kids who terrorize the streets of a timeless London in which the youth gangs... continuar...

América Latina

Building Citizenship: A Challenge for Radio
It was in London during a meeting of AMARC’s inter-national administrative council that I openly used the term “citizens’ radio” for the first time. “You want to change the name of the organization?”... continuar...

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