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  Number 286 | Mayo 2005
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The Fuel Crisis and The Sparks that Ignite It
Once again international news headlines announced “Violence in Nicaragua,” a replay right down to the images from a few years ago: flaming tires in Managua’s streets, burning vehicles, barricades of... continuar...


ROUGH JUSTICE FOR FUTURE POLICE CHIEF? On April 16, as the protests against the bus fare hike began to peak, President Bolaños surprisingly ordered the retirement of National Police (PN) Deputy... continuar...


The Code of Children and Adolescents: Comments on a Misunderstood Law
The Office of Special Attorney for Children and Adolescents, which forms part of the Human Rights Defense Attorney’s Office, was created in 2000. In its first report the following year, the office presented... continuar...


Miguel Facussé: Fencing off Paradise
A news story tucked away in the corner of page 42 of a national newspaper on April 15 told of the arrest of ten community leaders from the southern Honduran island of Zacate Grande in the Gulf of Fonseca,... continuar...


Marcela Lagarde: A Feminist Battles Feminicide
It is groups not individuals that carry out social struggles, and their success depends on the group’s power. Nonetheless, figures arise who imprint certain characteristics on the struggle, so it is... continuar...


Quito Isn’t Managua, Ecuador Isn’t Nicaragua
In Ecuador, the people of Quito, indignant at judicial manipulation to grant impunity to a corrupt former ruler, took to the streets in mid-April to defend the country’s violated institutionality.... continuar...


From John Paul II to Benedict XVI: Memories, Analyses, Fears and Hopes
Four days after John Paul II’s death, with the streets of Rome and St. Peter’s Square still teeming with people, I found myself in a meeting of Jesuits, scheduled months before. We tried to analyze... continuar...

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