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  Number 284 | Marzo 2005
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Lessons from the Teachers …and the Former Mayor
The new school semester opened late this year. Nicaragua’s pathetically underpaid public school teachers, tired of asking for justifiable raises without ever getting any response, finally called a... continuar...


BLOODY EVICTION: WHO’S AT FAULT? A group of squatters took over about ten hectares of land on the outskirts of Chinandega on February 23, but were promptly evicted by the Police. Several police... continuar...


Breaking Free of Fear To Defend Ideas and Rights
Herty Lewites’ rebellion has put Daniel Ortega in check, leading him to display the worst side of his personality. In just one week, Ortega’s measures included ordering the physical intimidation of... continuar...


“We Must All Demand the Restructuring of the Domestic Debt”
When we in the Civil Coordinator began to research and reflect on the national budget, some found such macroeconomic issues too complicated and not very interesting. Some of our members were... continuar...


Intellectuals and Job Insecurity: I Don’t Think... Therefore I Am
Social scientists and other intellectuals have covered a lot of ground in studying the poor. We invade their homes without so much as a search warrant and pester them with surveys. We weigh their children,... continuar...


The Panama Canal, Or the Canal’s Panama?
Panama has an extraordinary wealth of natural resources. It ranks 19th in the world for the variety of flora and fauna that inhabit its territory: 225 species of mammals, 226 of reptiles, 170 of amphibians... continuar...


Monsignor Romero’s Portrait In My Memory And in History
I went to El Salvador for the first time in 1981, barely a year after Monsignor Romero was assassinated. Almost everyone I spoke with had an interesting, surprising or suggestive personal anecdote to... continuar...


What Is Morally Unjust Cannot Be Economically Correct
What can this generation, working together, each and all of us, do? We are not powerless individuals; acting together, we have the power to shape history, to turn globalization from a force that breeds... continuar...

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