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  Number 229 | Agosto 2000
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The Air is Thick With Electoral Fraud
In Managua and the other municipalities on the Pacific side of the country, voters who turn out on Sunday, November 5, will be given two ballots, one to elect the mayor and deputy mayor and the other... continuar...


Masaya Trembles: The Lessons of a Disaster
At midday on July 6, an earthquake whose epicenter was located in the volcanic lake known as Apoyo, just 6 km from the city of Masaya, registered 5.9 on the Richter scale. It caused destruction in Plan... continuar...


ANOTHER ANNIVERSARY OF THE REVOLUTION Some fifty thousand people gathered across the street from the Plaza of the Revolution on July 19 to honor the 21st anniversary of the Sandinista revolution.... continuar...


Fiscal Pact a Major Achievement, Tax Reform Next in Line
Appearances are deceiving. On Tuesday July 17, the front pages of the country’s two leading newspapers announced that, with only six months passed since President Alfonso Portillo took office, 65% of... continuar...


Beginning of the End for the PRI? Will Fox Deliver?
On July 2, 2000, the first step was taken towards dismantling one the longest-ruling state parties in world history. The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), corroded by corruption, made numerous... continuar...


The Option of Abortion: Urgent Reflections
Dear brother: I have often heard you addressing pastoral letters, exhortations and homilies to women, calling us "dear sisters." This provides me with the courage to address you as "brother" and to explain... continuar...


Development Aid In Crisis: Donor Fatigue
Cooperation in the process of developing impoverished countries is a multifaceted task involving both the private and public sectors. Given the lack of tangible, spectacular and immediate results, a... continuar...

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