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  Number 206 | Septiembre 1998
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MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENTS WRUNG DRY More than 40 of the country's 147 municipal governments run the risk of coming to a total halt due to their huge deficits. They are unable to cover their operating... continuar...


Stormy Weather... Can't Get Our Poor Selves Together
In the past few weeks Nicaragua’s political reality has been undergoing a realignment based on political calculations, the enticing deals and economic projects fed by the globalized economy, and unbridled... continuar...


Government-FSLN Pact: Where Are the People?
IDESO surveyed 950 inhabitants of Managua on September 5-7. Of those, 40.9% were willing to state their political sympathies. The objective was to learn their views of the main points that politicians... continuar...

El Salvador

FMLN Fails to Elect Candidate
On August 15 the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) held an extraordinary National Convention to select its presidential candidate for the March 1999 national elections. One of the two... continuar...


The Circle Closes Around the Gerardi Case
The relationship between Guatemala's top military brass and the murdered auxiliary bishop of the Archdioceses of Guatemala, Juan José Gerardi Conedera, has a long and tense history. Gerardi was expelled... continuar...


US Chemical Weapons in Panama: A Dangerous Legacy
In early 1998, the United States went to the brink of war with Iraq over the latter country's refusal to comply with United Nations resolutions regarding inspections for chemical weapons facilities on... continuar...


Fighting Poverty With Democracy
The new stage of capitalism has increased poverty by geometric proportions. They tell us it is the result of a natural process. We know it is the consequence of the plans and projects of finance capital,... continuar...

América Latina

A Declaration of Human Rights For the 21st Century
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was born exactly fifty years ago, in 1948. A new initiative by Latin America's women is now touring the continent in search of discussion and support for its... continuar...

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