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  Number 180 | Julio 1996
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Peasant Farmers Must be Included
Peasants make up the social force with the greatest economic and productive potential to energize Nicaragua's agricultural sector, but this force has been stagnating since 1983. Nicaraguan peasants... continuar...


All Electoral Horses Now at the Starting Gate
The twice postponed deadline for registering parties, alliances and candi dates for the October electoral race has finally come and gone. At the close of May 28, Nicaragua found itself with no less... continuar...


AD HOC VOTER REGISTRATION Meanwhile, one time voter registration got underway the weekend of June 1 2 in the 26 rural municipalities that the ID card process did not cover due to time and budget... continuar...


Some Reflections On the PiƱata
Nicaragua, it cannot be repeated too often, always pays for corruption. Given the chamorro government's extensive official corruption, however, it is tempting to revert to the double standard currently... continuar...


The Hidden Faces of the New Government
Analyses of the significance and scope of the socioeconomic and agrarian accord signed May 6 between the government and the URNG began surfacing throughout May. The reactions of many are comparable... continuar...


The Middle Classes: Violent and Organized
In other countries the stereotypical view that Honduras, just like the aircraft carriers used for US intervention in Central America, is insignificant and passive, with no defined personality. The image... continuar...


Democracy and Markets in The New World Order
The conventional picture of the new era we are entering and the promise it holds was formulated clearly by National Security Adviser Anthony Lake when he presented the Clinton Doctrine in September 1993:... continuar...

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