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  Number 178 | Mayo 1996
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Nicaragua's Two Options: Change or Stay the Same
Nicaragua's election panorama is getting more complex and incoherent by the day. With 35 registered parties and 5 more in the process of registering, 15 presidential candidates so far plus five major... continuar...


ANOTHER STAND OFF Yet another month has gone by in which executive legislative tensions and the relatively murky political interests of the legislators prevented the election of a new Supreme... continuar...


With Peace in Sight, Challenges Abound
March was a month of notable advances toward peace and disturbing shifts towards barbarity. On the one hand, important steps were taken in the negotiations to end the internal war, and on the other,... continuar...


The Honeymoon's Over; The Dispute's Begin
Honduras' Liberal government marked its two year point in office in January, against a backdrop of ongoing difficulties due to the country's economic crisis and aggravated by international commitments... continuar...


Promises Gone Up in Smoke
With almost a year and a half of Ernesto Pérez Balladares' government gone, the electoral promises made by his Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) under the broad slogan, "the people to power," would... continuar...


Tabasco: Dignity and Petroleum
"Guitars, cry guitars..." sang all of Mexico at the end of March. The death of singer Lola Beltrán on March 24 saddened everyone. Since 1954, after her presentation on the radio program "This is My... continuar...


Helms-Burton Law: Cubans Speak
On March 12, US President Bill Clinton signed into law the controversial legislation formally titled Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity, but better known as the Helm Burton bill for its promoters,... continuar...


The Fight Against Privatization
During the last years of President Jean Bertrand Aristide's government, some of Haiti's pending problems began to show up, problems with which Aristide's successor, René Préval, is now dealing. The... continuar...

América Latina

For an Agrarian Reform Of the Air Waves
A Great Festival of Latin American and Caribbean Grass roots and Community Television and Radio was celebrated in Quito, Ecuador, on November 20 24, 1995. It was organized by the Group of Eight, a coalition... continuar...

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