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  Number 175 | Febrero 1996
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What Do Working Children Want?
Since 1994, a group of educators and sociologists, with the active participa tion of working children, has been studying the way these girls and boys interpret their labor experience. The study was... continuar...


Nicaragua Needs a Miracle
Nicaragua received pope John Jaul II on February 7 in a mood of peak political and social tension, as well as of peak hope. Many summarized their expectations this way: "What do I hope? To see the... continuar...


A FEW TOO MANY? Nicaragua now has 34 legally registered parties, and the leaders of 15 of them have made public their aspiration to run for the presidency. The latest to be granted legal standing... continuar...


The Features of Our Political Culture
There is general consensus that nicaragua, like the majority of countries, requires significant social, economic and political reform. State reform represents only one of the many changes needed to... continuar...


President Arzu: A New Stage Begins
Like the fisherman in "The Old Man and the Sea," the National Advancement Party (PAN) made an admirable "catch" with a small "bait" in the two recent election rounds. With the support of less than 18%... continuar...


Central America in 20 Years: A Somalia-Taiwan Duality?
Central America has been wrenched by tremendous change in the last two decades. By holding out the hope for social change, the region was more than just another cold war battlefield. It became a virtual... continuar...


Disarming: "It's Never Too Late"
René Préval took office as Haiti's new President on February 7. A member of the Lavalas Platform Aristide's party Préval won 87% of the votes in the December 17 elections. Rene Préval received his... continuar...

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