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  Number 166 | Mayo 1995
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Faith, Hope and Mung Beans
The mung bean is small and round, with a striking green color, like hope. And, like everything having to do with hope, it hides within its small size incalculable energy and an enormous capacity to... continuar...


The Chamorro Administration A Race to the Starting Line
On April 25, Violeta Chamorro began her sixth year as President of Nicaragua. As the countdown to the next elections begins, her presidential minister, son in law Antonio Lacayo, is focused on the search... continuar...


THE TEACHERS' STRIKE HOLDS ON..AND ON The strike by some 60% of Nicaragua's schoolteachers continued during all of March and was still holding strong when envío went to press, just before Easter... continuar...

El Salvador

Shots Fired Against The Peace Accords
The month of March closed on a pathetic note in El Salvador. Wounded and disabled war veterans from both the armed forces and the FMLN were beaten in the streets of San Salvador by the National Civil... continuar...


The Bámaca Case: An Uncommon Scandal
After three hunger strikes in two years, numerous trips through the corridors of power in Washington and Guatemala, the exhumation of three cadavers, many threats and a suit by the Guatemalan state,... continuar...


The Generals in Their Labyrinths
On May 3 of last year, to the delight of civil society, Honduras' National Assembly unanimously voted to approve the establishment of a voluntary and educational military service. It had been one of... continuar...


Will the US Go in 2000?
When Ernesto Pérez Balladares was inaugurated as President of Panama in September 1994, Panamanians were full of hope that the new government would be able to make good on its electoral promises. Seven... continuar...


The Cycles of Crisis Are Narrowing
Asked who will win in Mexico today, writer Carlos Fuentes implored, "Let us hope it will not be the cruel and mysterious Mother, the unfathomable Goddess of Darkness, the Coatlicue of the Skirt of the... continuar...


Burning Questions, Pending Tasks
On March 31, the multinational military force of over 20,000, largely US, soldiers that had occupied Haiti since September 1994, left the country. They were relieved by 6,000 United Nations soldiers,... continuar...


Copenhagen: The Potential Success of a Failure
The recent summit on social development in Copenhagen, which took up the issues of poverty, unemployment and social disintegration in the world, was possibly the most important international summit ever... continuar...

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