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  Number 151 | Febrero 1994
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New Political Setting, same Rotten Economy
As last year drew to a close, the political polarization that had kept Nicaragua's legislative branch virtually non functional since September 1992 finally collapsed, leaving a new and dominant centrist... continuar...


CONGRESS OF EX CONTRAS The First National Congress of former combatants in the Nicaraguan Resistance was held in Managua in the first week of December. The main aim was to unify the various... continuar...

El Salvador

Ushering in the New Year
How did Salvadorans welcome the new year in 1994? The majority received it terrified by a new outbreak of cholera, an epidemic that has come to the country to stay since the govern ment has made no... continuar...


A Powder Keg
In Guatemala, the new year began overshadowed by the process and the results of the January 30 Popular Consultation, an extravaganza in politicking that resolved not one fundamental problem and polarized... continuar...


President Reina: No Seller of Dreams
An extended catcall by more than 40,000 people was the goodbye given to President Callejas on January 27, when Carlos Roberto Reina was inaugurated as the new President of Honduras. The hissing was... continuar...


The Electoral Post is Boiling
How does an electoral campaign resemble a pot of boiling water with maracas, horns, a women's shoe, a tie, a cross, a star and a rooster? Maybe it resembles the boiling water because in politics there... continuar...


Central America's Alternative: Integration from Below
The whole world speaks of "globalization" to characterize the process that has been underway in this final decade of the 20th century and in the wake of the end of the Cold War. In Central America,... continuar...

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