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  Number 149 | Diciembre 1993
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Biodiesel: The Miracle of a "Useless" Tree
According to scientific data, "tempate" (Jatropha curcas L.) is an oleaginous bushy tree belonging to the Euforbiaceas family, which has more than 3,500 species grouped into 210 types. But the less... continuar...


León: Paralyzed Production, Paralyzed Imaginations
For 40 years León lived for cotton. But cotton is no longer the solution. Its production is not profitable, it does not attract investment. It is not competitive for export. The collapse of cotton... continuar...


Time to Talk to Each Other... Not at each Other
Nicaragua's crisis is expressed two ways, both demonstrating how far it has gone: the country is politically ungovernable and economically non viable. Virtually everyone agrees with this diagnosis,... continuar...


DISARM OR ELSE Hoping to avoid a military response, the government extended the date for rearmed groups to lay down their weapons one more time. On September 28, "Pedrito el Hondureño," who... continuar...


Is It Time for Another Literacy Crusade?
Thirteen years have passed since the National Literacy Crusade, one of the revolution's most beautiful undertakings. Today, illiteracy levels have again shot up and we are now in almost the same... continuar...

El Salvador

The Death Squads are Back
Since the signing of the Peace Accords in January 1992, 24 FMLN members have been assassinated without the government determining either cause or culprit. A hundred others were victims of attempts.... continuar...


De León in his Labyrinth
September's rumor of the month was that President Ramiro De León Carpio was going to resign. In October, the rumor was of an imminent coup. Finally, after five months of the new administration, a "little"... continuar...


Callejas on his Way Out
With the November 28 presidential elections drawing near, the government of Rafael Leonard Callejas has entered its twilight. As a sendoff, the Honduran College of Economists once again criticized the... continuar...


Why are More People Poor?
The Conference on Social Development and Poverty, in preparation for the World Summit for Social Development to be held in Denmark in 1995, was held in September in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was sponsored... continuar...

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