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  Number 108 | Julio 1990
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From Military to Social Confrontation
The UNO government is using its honeymoon period to try to confuse the opposition. First, it gives signs of peaceful coexistence, such as expediting contra demobilization, reforming the university... continuar...


Media Moves
In the rocky transition from the Sandinista government to the new UNO one, the electronic media have been among the more visible arenas of struggle. Seeing the airwaves as key to ideological hegemony,... continuar...


The Economy: Help on the Way?
“The dollars are here,” declared Central Bank Minister Francisco Mayorga, patting his briefcase as he returned in early June from a special meeting of donor countries in Rome. “Inflation will begin... continuar...


Closer to the US... and to God?
More than once, the name of the “Blessed Virgin” has been invoked in the service of God” was founded in the mid-1970’s, and has its origins in the charismatic tradition active in the Catholic Church... continuar...


Just the Facts: COSEP & CO. and CORDENIC
SUPREME COUNCIIL OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE (COSEP): Founded in 1978 as a coordinating body for diverse business associations, replacing COSIP, founded in 1972. The president of the Nicaraguan... continuar...


Two Faces of UNO
Since the UNO coalition came to power two event-packed months ago, views on what the new government actually represents have swung widely. During the public workers' strike in May, many wrote off as... continuar...


The War Ends—Where is Peace?
"Have you seen the main strewr of town?” exclaimed one international worker about El Almendro, the biggest contra security zone. “It's like something out of Gabriel García Márquez!” Indeed,... continuar...

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